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What Is Energy Deregulation?

Traditionally, energy consumers didn’t have options as far as choosing where their gas and electricity came from. Oftentimes, there was just one local supplier who had a monopoly on the area’s energy market. There was either no or very little competition which meant the price the energy supplier was charging was the price the consumer had to pay.

In the modern world, everyone consumes energy and as supply and demand grow, consumers now have the power to choose where their energy comes from. Energy deregulation is the restructuring of the energy market as we have known it allowing energy users to have options which suit their specific needs. This is called Energy Deregulation. Basically, it restructures the energy market by increasing competition and allowing consumers, both large and small, the power to choose what works for them.

And when suppliers compete, YOU as the consumer will win.

Energy consumers can now choose from suppliers based upon their rates and specialized offerings that are more suited to their own energy requirements. It’s not a one size fits all solution anymore.


How does energy deregulation work at CUC?

Here at CUC, energy deregulation works through our proprietary reverse auction platform, where the top energy suppliers in the country compete for your business by offering energy at the lowest possible price.  

CUC works with 30 of the top electric and gas suppliers in the country who will compete in this auction.  These energy suppliers will analyze your company’s bill histories and usage data combined with current market conditions to generate their best possible price offering.

Once CUC has received all supplier prices for your accounts, they will compile the results and email them to you with their expert recommendation.  

The goal is to identify the supplier with the lowest possible price which will yield your company the greatest amount of savings.  Once you decide which supplier you would like to move forward with, CUC will facilitate the transaction for you and make the process as easy for you as possible.

Once you have signed with a supplier through CUC, they will track the market and stay on top of renewing your contract before it expires.


In the past, gas and electric consumers had to purchase their utilities directly from utility companies. There were no options and there was no competition. That has all changed with the onset of energy deregulation.

At CUC, we work with 30 of the top electric and gas suppliers in the country like Constellation, Direct Energy, FreePoint Solutions, Aggressive Energy, WGL Energy, Hudson Energy, Dynegy, Energy Harbor, and many more. These relationships allow us to get the best deals for our clients. It’s a complex process that involves following the energy market and finding the best time to lock in your electrical rates. This can be a very elaborate process for CUC, but time and time again our proprietary process has produced outstanding results for our clients.

And, what’s even better is that the winning energy supplier pays CUC a small fee. There is no fee to YOU as the utility consumer. In the end, you just see the savings!

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